Fighting Multiple Sclerosis

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Heat Intolerance without an Air Conditioner

Hi everybody, it's been so long since I've posted. I think it's time to start things back up again. I missed writing as I've been on so many journies in life.

I want to talk about heat intolerance and what happens to our bodies because it's something I deal with all year round. Heat intolerance in the winter? Yes! Just today, the humidity was so bad inside my place of employment that the dreaded fatigue began to hit and rather quickly. Just 1/2 degree rise in our internal temperature can turn us into wet noodles. I would love to hear what all happens to you during a temperature hike. I get cog fog, incredibly fatigued to the point I have blacked out and my extremities turn into wet noodles.  Heat intolerance is a common issue for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS). Not only are they, in general, more sensitive to heat, but heat can also make their MS symptoms considerably worse.

I bring up this subject for two reasons. 1. There needs to be more awareness so that others can be of help when we become over heated and 2. The air conditioner stopped working in my car. This past summer I found myself not even going out if the temperature would get too high. I watched my son cry as I would tell him again and again that I couldn't go out or take him somewhere because I didn't want to risk our lives while driving during the heat. By the end of the summer I was driving around with a giant cup of ice water so when I would begin to become over heated I could poor it down the back of my neck.

The reason I bring this up is, like I mentioned above, my air conditioner went out in my car among other things. All of this happened at the worse possible time. I was medically put out of work for 7 weeks. All of the serious repairs have been completed (thanks to some amazing people and their selfless generosity)except the AC. The air compressor and belt need to be replaced and like so many others with MS, I live on a fixed income. Fixing my AC is more of a pipe dream for me. I simply can't do it alone. All my bills are paid and my son is taken care of I just simply don't bring in enough to dish out $1,000 for the repair. I hate that we have to choose things like making sure our bills are all paid or fixing an air conditioner that could literally change everything about my summers and help my health. My health just wont allow me to go out in the summer without a properly working AC.

I have started a GoFundMe and I'm hoping by mid spring I will have raised enough to have the repair completed so that I can experience a summer outside of the house.

Any little bit helps and sharing is always a big help. Share the blog post or the GoFundMe itself.

I hope all of you have been doing well. Thank you again for reading my blogs.


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