Fighting Multiple Sclerosis

Sunday, March 27, 2011

How has being sick helped you? Really stop and think about this!!

I know I know your asking yourself, HELPED ME??? I bet you could think of lots of ways that being sick has not helped you but really stop for a minute and think, really look into yourself, who you are and ask yourself the question, How has being sick Helped Me?!?

I took that step and this is what I am finding. First, what an amazing question to get us all really thinking about what is important.

Lets see, well I have been sick all my life starting very young with migraines, seizure and brain surgery to save my life. With those I have always been very compassionate towards others. I thought, my goodness if I feel like this just imagine what they are feeling?! Empathy has always been a huge thing for me. Patience and tolerance are great things I learned.

Then the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms started and it took years before a doctor would listen to me and finally get a diagnoses. Well during that time I think being sick made me a very angry person, I mean I already went through my health issues as a child and now here I am in my 20's going through it again.

But now in my 30's with PPMS (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis), Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue etc etc etc the BIGGEST thing I have learned and "How being sick has helped me" is it brought back Patience and tolerance FOR MYSELF...See I had all these things for others but I never gave it to myself. So being sick has helped me by learning to give to myself. Give myself compassion, give myself LOVE, give myself patience for myself, give myself tolerance for my physical short comings.

So now not only am I caring person for others I can finally say I am a caring person for myself.
"I love myself unconditionally and I like loving myself" Those were the hardest words for me to learn to speak and mean and that is what being sick has given me and how it has helped me.

I really would like your feedback on this. Remember that all your stories are inspiration to others. If you don't have a chronic illness tell me how an injury has helped you. I really want to hear everyones testimony.

Hugs to All

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  1. Being sick with MS. Benefit somewhere? I see none, sorry, I know we all want to be a Pollyanna in this, but there really is not a benefit, perhaps we can tout the building up of character with an illness, but I would rather join the boyscouts.