Fighting Multiple Sclerosis

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Introducing Myself

Hello my name is Nickey and I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis along with many other illnesses. I do NOT let them define me. I have a beautiful little 3yr old boy who is my blessing from my dad and God. My spouse and I were told we would never have children. My father passed away suddenly active duty when I was 7 and he used to joke to my mother, wouldn't it be neat to have a little red headed freckle faced boy. Well 14 grand daughters later we found out I was pregnant. There are no boys and there is no red hair jeans on either side of our families. One day I woke up feeling a little different and found out that we were pregnant. Then on April 25th 2007 I gave birth to a beautiful strong healthy little red headed boy. He is the first Grandson. So that is why I consider him my gift from my daddy and made possible by our wonderful God.

My son is my pride and joy so we spend many days just enjoying each others company playing games or maybe just curling up and watching one of his movies as he grabs my hand to put on his head to rub my fingers through his hair or on his tummy to hold him close. Then out of the blue he will turn to me and look me deep in the eyes and give me the biggest hug and kiss with his big puckered up lips and then say "I Love You". I cherish every moment I have with him b/c I know one day I wont be able to do some of the things he needs or wants me to do. For example go to games or maybe when he is 5 or 6 take him out swimming or out to play in the dirt.

I want this to be a place were everybody who is dealing with any type of illness to be able to come and just talk. I encourage care givers to join in also. I have seen first hand how hard a care givers job is. My Rock is my spouse and my caregiver. He is what keeps this family going.

I have never done a blog before but I will say that I think I will enjoy this. There will be times of tears and times of laughter times of screaming and times of thanks for so many blessings.

I will leave with that. Much love, hugs and blessings to all.


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