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Friday, May 13, 2011

Depression And Multiple Sclerosis!!

Do you ever have the feelings of:

*Loss of energy
*Feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness
*Loss of enjoyment from things that were once pleasurable
*Difficulty concentrating
*Uncontrollable crying
*Difficulty making decisions
*Increased need for sleep
*Inability to fall or stay asleep at night (insomnia)
*Unexplained aches and pains
*Stomachache and digestive problems
*Decreased sex drive
*Sexual problems
*A change in appetite causing weight loss or gain
*Thoughts of death or suicide or
*Attempting suicide?

Everyone at one time or another has felt depressed, sad, or blue. Sometimes the feeling of sadness becomes intense, lasting for long periods of time and preventing a person from leading a normal life. This is depression, a mental illness that, if left untreated, can worsen, lasting for years and causing untold suffering, and possibly even resulting in suicide. It is important to recognize the signs of depression.

What causes depression in MS?

Why are MS patients at such a high risk for depression? The easy answer to this question is that living with MS in and of itself is depressing. Studies show, however, that those with other serious chronic medical conditions do not suffer
from the same high rate of depression as do those with MS.

Depression is very common in people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Symptoms of depression can even be severe enough to require medical intervention and can affect up to half of all people with MS at some point during their illness. Please talk about your feelings. Confiding in a trusted friend or family member about difficult feelings or thoughts can often improve your mood. Depression is an illness,and just like MS, it deserves the time,attention, and treatment that any other illness would be given.

So we have to ask ourselves are we suffering in silence from depression? If you are it is time to break that silence and know that you are loved and cared for and that you no longer have to suffer alone. It is very understandable that someone would fall into depression after being given a diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis. So please don't feel ashamed or alone when you have these feelings and if they last for more than a few hours or a couple days please talk to someone about it. The amount of people suffering with depression and feeling completely alone is too high. We as a people need to find our humanity and compassion again. If you see someone who you even think might be suffering, remember that something as simple as a hello or a hand reached out in care can help change a life. Never ever forget to tell everyone around you how much they are cared for and loved b/c sometimes it's easy to forget that. It is especially easy to forget when you become lost in your own thoughts after being given a diagnoses of any disease not just MS.

Develop a spiritual interest. Defining spirituality is a very personal decision. Spending time in nature, prayer, meditation,or a religious setting, are all forms of spiritual practice. How you define spirituality does not really matter; the important thing is that you feel connected with something greater than yourself. When
firmly grounded in a spiritual belief, one can come back to this centered place – especially during times of stress or sadness and find great comfort.

If you have found yourself reading this and you do not suffer from MS or any other disease but know someone who does and they just don't seem themselves anymore, please reach out to them. We are people to and like you, it means a lot to know that there is someone out there who does care. We have feelings also and all we want is to be loved, accepted and welcomed into your lives. Don't forget us because we haven't forgotten you.

So many Hugs, thoughts and prayers to and for all my brothers and sisters out there who are battling these diseases and any other disease.

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