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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something Happens!

Something happened to me this weekend. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation was brought to my attention. I had asked how I could be a help and my friend told me about a walk coming up, right here in town. I have to admit, I did the what most people do "Oh yeah, that would be great". Then kinda hit and miss on the topic. Two days prior to the walk I felt a push to find out more and did so. The push or pull or tug or whatever name you want to call it had it's grips on me and I knew I had to do this walk. I felt so pulled to do this walk for a little girl named Emma! So with less than 48hrs left till the walk began I got myself registered and actually wondered, how was I gonna do this physically and financially. I just kept thinking of Emma and how strong she is and that I had to find her strength within myself and do what ever it took to make this walk happen.

I began doing fundraising on Facebook and I made it were over 7,000 people could donate. The entire first day I didn't raise a dime. The 2nd day I woke up on fire to get the fundraising begun. I finally got my first donation by a very special mother and also a fellow MS'er. Along with her, 2 more friends donated. The 3rd day, walk day, I woke with a mission that I was going to raise the last bit and before I knew it 2 angels donated and off to the walk we go.

I was very worried and heard an excuse go through my head but my thoughts always staid on Emma and how important this walk is for her. It was raining scattered T-Storms all morning. When we arrived at the walk it was poring and we all got soaked but that wasn't stopping the people from coming and we were so excited now. Pulled by God and Emma to do this walk! Ten minutes before the walk the sky opened up and allowed the walk to happen. We began walking and enjoying all the new people we were meeting and how excited everyone else was for the cause. The rain stayed away the entire walk. Once we finished the walk the sky decided to send down T-Storms again followed by Tornado. We had just maid it out of down town and I was so worried about the other walkers but thank goodness they only got the storms not the tornado. Isn't it amazing to have the skies open just long enough for this walk to happen for Cystic Fibrosis?

So by now your probably saying "but Nickey you have PPMS, you can't do this walk". Well let me tell ya, when you have little Emma and God on your mind you can do anything. This walk ended up being 3 miles long. I told myself at one point,"Nickey, you can't do this long of a walk" and I even said "you made it and that counts right?". Well let me tell you NO, NO it doesn't count not when you have a child depending on you. I have never felt so much joy than I did while walking for Emma. With every step there would be a little discomfort and when that happened I said to myself "Look at what Emma pushes through every day" and "Dear God, please use my body to complete this walk to raise awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation". Keeping God and Emma on my mind made every step so easy and pain free. Now you may not believe in God and that's fine but you have to believe in Emma. When thinking of Emma you will become transformed into almost super human and can push trough any pain to make sure you don't let her lose hope.

For my story, I owe all to God and I want NO credit b/c it truly wasn't me. I thank little Emma's parents for allowing us the honor to do this. If you have MS and you think you can't do something I have something to overcome that. Find a charity or a foundation that you can donate your time to. This cause must mean something to you and drive you beyond all pain and all of MS's troubles. Make your cause something so dear to you that you feel called from God to walk for them. Yes I had my cane to support me and I encourage you all to bring your canes, walkers, wheelchairs and motor scooters. Because you see, it's not about how much pain your in or how bad MS is attacking you. In fact it has nothing to do with you and you should never worry about how you look or come across to others b/c this walk is for the charity. People aren't going to be looking at you for you, there looking at you for raising awareness to that cause. You have to let all your pride go and leave all your insecurities at your car when you get out and close the door on them. Once you have made this an experience for the cause that you are letting yourself donate your times You are giving them your love and your broken bodies for there cause, It's then you will start to feel that wonderful blessing that you get when you give of yourself without any expectations. If you feel yourself wanting to do something bigger than yourself but you don't think your body will let you please remember my story. God works wonders in us all even when our bodies are broken and don't feel well.

I could have not done this without God! God put everything into motion and allowed me to make it. I want all of you out there to find your own little Emma. Get online, open your phone book and find that cause that makes you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself. There has never been great exercises for me but by the power of giving yourself anything can happen. Something Happened for me!!

If the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is something you are looking at doing I have added the website were you can contribute directly to them online or find local walks. I am also adding a link for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society b/c this one is near to all our hearts.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation:

National Multiple Sclerosis Society:

Little Emma is doing well and loves to play on computers with her mommy and daddy. The walk went great and is truly a blessing to be able to do something like this for someone else. Please never go in expecting something b/c it's then that you will receive absolutely nothing. Go in with the right reason, the reason for the cause and you can do anything and will receive the ultimate gift in return, joy and love!

Please remember that no matter our mobility and our pain level we can still push through to some extent if the cause it right. This is my story of encouragement that I pray can inspire others to donate there time to some great causes.

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